Every gun law is aimed at disarming you: the case for fighting ALL "gun control"

I had already known, of course, that Josh Sugarmann (head cheerleader for the Violence Policy Center) is an extremist in his drive to end private firearm ownership in the U.S., but I hadn’t known the sheer magnitude of his extremism. That is, until today, when I discovered his most recent book: Every Handgun Is Aimed at You: The Case For Banning Handguns. As stated, I just discovered the existence of this book today, so I have not read it. Also, I refuse to spend a dime for such a book–the gun rights deprivation lobby is appallingly well funded already–far be it from me to help them out further. If I can get it at the library, I probably will.

Without even having read it yet, though, I feel safe in drawing a conclusion or two. Chief among those is that, as Amazon’s blurb about the book makes clear, Sugarmann isn’t even wasting time pretending to argue for “reasonable restrictions,” or “common sense gun laws.” Licensing and registration, both of which are despised by any civil liberty conscious gun owner, would be, in Sugarmann’s estimation, not going far enough to reduce “gun violence.” Apparently, the opening sentence is “A single consumer product holds our nation hostage: the handgun,”–nothing sensationalist about that, is there?

It would be extremely unrealistic to think that Sugarmann plans to stop with handguns, and in fact he has already shrilly advocated bans on .50 caliber rifles and so-called “assault weapons.” Of course he will concentrate his initial efforts on sinister looking firearms, which are more easily demonized–convincingly, in the eyes of people who know next to nothing about guns. Also, many hunters are uninterested in such guns, thus allowing him to avoid the tremendous opposition they would raise to a complete ban on all firearms.

So yes–he is aware that completely disarming American citizens is a long term project, but he and his ideological allies are willing to take the long view. They attack gun rights incrementally, forcing a cultural evolution in the direction of more and more bans, as each restriction makes all such restrictions seem more and more “normal.” The plan is to fragment the gun rights lobby, and attack one group at a time.

Every additional restriction on gun ownership, whether on the books already, or merely proposed, is a choreographed step toward the ultimate goal–total disarmament. Any attack on gun rights is an attack on all gun rights, and appeasement will work for us just as well as it did for Neville Chamberlain.


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