Fight restrictive gun laws–for the CHILDREN!

Almost every time a push is made for yet another draconian restriction on firearms, the “arguments” will include an emotional plea to pass the law “for the children.” It makes a fairly effective rhetorical device–after all, arguing against protecting children tends to look rather bad. The gun rights deprivation lobby has fallen so deeply in love with the tactic that they often cite statistics that include the deaths of 20-year-old gangbangers as “children killed by gun violence.”

Of course, they never talk about incidents like this one, in which a 14-year-old and his mother may very well have saved their lives with a handgun. They also would prefer not to talk about incidents in which denying children access to firearms has caused the deaths of children.

The Gun Guys like to go so far as to argue that no house that ever has children in it should also have a gun–and no precautions (such as trigger locks, gun safes, etc.) are good enough. I suppose it’s a sensible stance for them to take–if they can discourage gun owners from reproducing, our society might eventually consist only of anti-gun pantywaists who would hold the warped views that would produce the “gun-free utopia” the Brady Bunch, et al dream of. The anti-gun bigots are silent about what one is supposed to do to protect his or her children when a predatory psychopath kicks down the door–I suppose the plan is to call 911, so at least the police can get there soon after the children have been killed.

Fight to protect your Second Amendment rights–do it for the children.


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