At least this guy doesn’t try to sugar coat his disdain for rights

Many times, when someone advocates infringing on gun rights, he or she claims to “support the Second Amendment” (which he or she always seems to equate to hunting–as if the framers of the Constitution would decide to devote 10% of the Bill of Rights to sport). Not Dan Carpenter, author of this column. In the very first sentence, he blames gun rights for the violence in the U.S. In fact, just like the Gun Guys, he puts gun rights in quotes, as if to imply that the entire concept is just some figment of freedom lovers’ imaginations, and not one of the mighty pillars on which our liberty stands.

I wonder if Mr. Carpenter would be so quick to disparage other Constitutional rights. The First Amendment, perhaps? Probably not–he, after all, makes his living off that particular right. Then again, many enemies of gun rights seem to advocate silencing the NRA, the GOA, and other gun rights groups, so maybe the First Amendment is part of the problem, too. The Fourth? Maybe he’d be willing to give up that one, too–after all, to get rid of all those nasty, evil guns, the government is going to have to be able to search people and their homes without dealing with cumbersome details like “due process.”

Really, maybe the entire Bill of Rights, and these outdated concepts like “liberty,” and “privacy,” and “personal freedom” all need to be given a long, hard look. So let’s all give up our rights–it’s for the children.


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