Cops gun down old lady trying to defend her home–and this genius blames her and her gun

Once again, I’m going to discuss something that has already been very well covered over at War on Guns, because this clown’s editorial (from the Chicago area–of course) is simply too outrageous to leave unchallenged.

A handgun is not some useful tool that offers its owner safety and piece of mind. If it were, a gun-toting old lady in Atlanta would have survived Thanksgiving.

Either 88 or 92 (depending on whether you believe the autopsy doctors or her family), the woman was armed, ready and apparently a decent shot. She pumped five bullets into the three undercover police officers with a warrant, who broke through her door looking for drugs. But the cops still gunned her down. Had she been without her precious gun, she’d no doubt be alive today.

So, according to this pompous jackass, it’s her fault that the police blew her away, because she had a gun and was prepared to use it. He devotes not a single word to point out that maybe just a teency portion of blame might be laid at the feet of the cops who killed her in a no-knock, plain clothes, kick-in-the-door raid, that was apparently on the wrong house (not to mention that these fine officers may very well have tried to cover up their lethal incompetence with lies).

After two paragraphs of blaming Ms. Johnston’s death on her and her gun, instead of the people who killed her, he quickly changes gears and goes into a discussion about Joan Burbick’s Gun Show Nation: Gun Culture and American Democracy (which my library does not carry, so I’ve not yet had a chance to read). Judging from Constable’s editorial, the book is apparently about the fact that guns are not a panacea for all of society’s problems (I’m not sure who supposedly has argued that they were, but that’s another matter).


4 Responses to “Cops gun down old lady trying to defend her home–and this genius blames her and her gun”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Didn’t the NYPD just pump 50 rounds into a car full of revelers – all of who were unarmed? According to this idiot’s logic, had the police in NY been unarmed, no one would have died in that incident.

    All they have to say is that they “thought they saw a gun” and then it’s license to kill.

    If this unfortunate victim had been unarmed, there’s still a possibility that they would have murdered her anyway. All the JBT had to do was “think shoe had a gun.”

    So – how many unarmed citizens have been gunned down by JBTs who THOUGHT they saw a gun.

    Let’s see an article on that. Of course, that might take some research, instead of just parroting some idiotic drivel thrown together by a man-hating anti-self-defense zealot…

  2. 45superman Says:

    My guess is that the anti-gun zealots will try to blame even the shootings of the unarmed party-goers in NYC on “inadequate gun laws.” They’ll say that our “gun culture” leaves cops no choice but to assume that people have guns (and are about to use them on the cops), thus forcing them to blast the hell out of unarmed people, on the strength of the mere suspicion of a gun being present.

  3. dan Says:

    Just found your site from a link. Good stuff! I’ll be bookmarking and checking in daily as another oppressed Illinois subject.

  4. 45superman Says:

    Thanks for dropping by, Dan. If you’re in Illinois, please register at–we need every Illinois gun owner we can get.

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