Akins Accelerator update

Back in December, I discussed the actions of our favorite jack booted thugs, with regard to the Akins Accelerator. Over at Hairy Hobbit’s Hideaway I see there have been new developments in that story (and they’re not good).

This link to the Akins website contains their own updates. There, you will find a link to the BATFE’s new ruling–as opposed to the old ruling, in which the device was not considered a machine gun (since, you know, it isn’t one). I’ve read the new ruling several times, and I still can’t say I quite follow it. It seems that they’ve chosen to make up their own, brand spankin’ new definition of what constitutes a trigger-pull–a definition that doesn’t get hung up on silly, outdated concepts like logic.

There’s also a link to a “compliance plan,” whereby owners of an Akins Accelerator can appease the BATFE, and thus (hopefully) avoid a midnight visit from their stormtroopers. The plan involves removing the spring that operates the device, and sending it to F-Troop (thus rendering the $1000 purchase an utter waste of cash–basically, it’s government mandated theft).

So much for a government “of the people, by the people, for the people.”


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