Bloomberg threatens lawmakers–I’m sure they’re terrified

Monday, I mentioned Michael Bloomberg’s gaggle of like-minded Constitution-hating mayors, and their intention to intimidate legislators into advancing the mayors’ civilian disarmament agenda on a national scale. Bloomberg is clearly a man who likes power, more power than comes with the office of mere mayor of one city, so (not being a national legislator himself) he has taken to the strategy of trying to bully those who actually do write the laws that govern our nation.

His bombastic threat that he would “remember” any Congressman who votes to protect the Constitutionally guaranteed fundamental human right of the individual to keep and bear arms came at a summit yesterday of many of the mayors from his “Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition.” Speaking of “illegal guns,” I can’t help but notice that in the interests of political correctness, we are not to use the term “illegal aliens” (presumably out of concern for the feelings of criminals who invade our country). It seems to me that the term “illegal guns” is just as prejudicial and unfair–therefore, I believe we should abandon the use of that pejorative term, and replace it with “undocumented firearms.”

Perhaps more important than the terminology used by the civilian disarmament lobby is their strategy. They push for every kind of restriction on private firearm ownership they think they can ram through, be it on the type of firearms one can buy, how many, where one can keep them, etc. Such laws serve the anti-rights agenda directly, of course, but also in that with every additional law, there are more laws to be broken, and thus more laws that are broken, and thus more “illegal guns,” requiring still more laws, to rein in the “scourge of illegal guns.” It’s brilliant really–a self-perpetuating system of laws that create a “need” for more laws.

Bloomberg and his stooges need to go back to their cities, and if those cities have a violent crime problem, they need to work to fix the socio-economic issues that are at the root of the violence. Every second they spend hurling empty threats at Congress, to fix a mythical “gun problem,” or face Bloomberg’s impotent wrath, is time wasted.


2 Responses to “Bloomberg threatens lawmakers–I’m sure they’re terrified”

  1. Sailorcurt Says:

    My post about the Bloomberg Protest rally in DC is up.

    Click Here

  2. 45superman Says:

    Excellent account of what went on. Sounds as if you accomplished some good things.

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