Let the (blood) dance begin

It’s nothing new for civilian disarmament advocates to exploit, with barely concealed glee, the grievous outrage of a senseless massacre like the one committed yesterday by Cho Seung-Hui. Still, Michael Daly’s column today in the New York Daily News might be the most offensive, the most gloatingly vitriolic, the most unabashedly venomous that I’ve ever seen.

Still love those guns, Virginia?

Ready to admit that it’s madness for any psycho to be able to saunter into a gun shop and acquire firepower capable of killing 32 innocents?

Feel different now that the blood is the blood of so many of your most promising young people?

That’s just the beginning, but it continues in that vein throughout. Very helpful, Mike–I’m sure the families of the slain appreciate your concern.

I don’t have the stomach to give this disgusting celebration of the grief of others the treatment it deserves, but I hope some folks let Mr. Daly know what they think of his column.



2 Responses to “Let the (blood) dance begin”

  1. hairy hobbit Says:

    Michelle Daly

    Your quest for Sicherheit über alles is what has led to this. You push and prod and promote safety in the form of disarmament of the people who obey the law. You have made it easy for criminals to walk into a school and kill at will. You are so far beyond logic and rational thought that this is a pointless letter and a waste of time.

    Real Americans know that criminals will never obey the law, just ask the people of the countries you look up to, the socialist hell holes of Europe. Criminals will get guns. Criminals don’t obey the law. Criminals seek targets like this.

    Why haven’t you blood-dancers who celebrate over such horrific events as a means to further your power hungry agenda haven’t mentioned the most deadly mass murder at a school. The late 20s Michigan event where a school was blown up with explosives. Why is that? Is it because you HATE freedom and self reliance? Is it because you seek totalitarian rule here? Just admit that you are a mentally ill frothing at the mouth control freak who has no sense of personal responsibility and want to be cared for by big brother. Just say you wish for light chains and only the occasional beating. We’ll understand that you need help. We’ll even pay for your plane ticket to the socialist country of your choice where you can seek government health care, housing, support, and every other just treatment they provide their slaves.

    If you can’t do that, then please for the families just STFU until their loved ones that the policies you support have helped to kill be put to rest before you do your blood dance and waggle your finger in their faces.

  2. 45superman Says:

    I think that ought to get the message across, HH.

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