Don’t pass gun law . . . or I’ll destroy my guns

Is that what passes for gun rights activism in Quebec? That’s the only conclusion I can draw, when this is what the president of the Quebec Shooting Federation says about a proposal to require owners of semi-automatic firearms to store them at gun clubs or ranges:

Quebec Shooting Federation president Raymond Contre calls it a dangerous proposal, saying stockpiling weapons will only mean criminals will know where to find them.

“I will personally destroy my firearms and return the pieces to the local police office because storing them in the way … proposed by the government, is completely unresponsible,” Contre told CBC News Wednesday.

Wow–that ought to stop them, Raymond. Few of us are made of the same stuff as Leonidas I, or even Charlton Heston, but I would hope most of us could come up with something closer to “Molon labe,” or “from my cold, dead fingers” than that.

Maybe if we tell Bloomberg, Feinstein, McCarthy, etc., that we’ll destroy all of our guns if they pass any more laws, they’ll leave us alone.

On second thought, maybe we ought to wait and see how that works out for Raymond and the other gun owners in Quebec.


One Response to “Don’t pass gun law . . . or I’ll destroy my guns”

  1. BobG Says:

    Sort of like telling a mugger you’ll kill yourself if he tries to hurt you.

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