New blogroll addition

As any regular reader of War on Guns (which should include every reader here) knows, Red’s Trading Post (of Twin Falls, Idaho) has been (and continues to be) the victim of a systematic campaign of harassment (with intent to destroy) by the tax-collector/storm troopers of the “BATFU” (as Mr. Codrea calls them). The egregious, appalling, disgusting level of petty vindictiveness that characterizes the BATFE’s abusive jihad against Ryan Horsley (manager of Red’s) would be shocking to anyone insufficiently familiar with that agency to know that it is par for the course.

Mr. Horsley has started a blog of his own to try to make people aware of the abuses being committed against good American citizens, in the name of “public safety.” Check it out regularly, and bloggers, please add it to your list of links. By the way, War on Guns’ announcement of this new arrival to the blogosphere also has a short Q&A with Mr. Horsley.

Mr. Horsley is fighting not just for his livelihood, but for our Second Amendment rights. At the very least, we owe him moral support.


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