Reminder: Wayne Fincher’s sentencing this coming Friday

To my shame, I have been fairly quiet about the grievous injustice visited upon patriot Hollis Wayne Fincher–a man whose “crime” is believing that the Bill of Rights means what it says. Part of my reasoning was that I figured that anyone who reads Armed and Safe probably also reads War on Guns (if you don’t, you should), and would thus already know. When I’m ready to be more honest with myself, I see that maybe another part of it is that I am uncomfortable thinking about Mr. Fincher’s courageous, patriotic sacrifice–compared to what little I bring to the table, it’s more than a little humbling.

If you hurry, it is not yet too late to write a letter to Judge Hendren, pleading for leniency. Send it in care of Mr. Fincher’s attorney:

Shannon L. Blatt
P.O. Box 1825
Fort Smith, Arkansas 72902-1825

For those close enough to make it to the Federal Court House in Fayetteville, Arkansas, to show your support, it will be greatly appreciated. Be there by 10 AM.

He’s fighting for our Second Amendment, folks, and doing it nearly alone. He deserves to have some friends to stand behind him–even if it’s way behind him.

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