Update on Ohio newspaper publishing concealed carry licensees’ identities

Check out the Liberty Sphere blog again today, to see an update to the situation (mentioned yesterday) involving the Sandusky, Ohio newspaper that has decided its anti-defense agenda is more important than privacy and public safety. It seems that some Ohioans are fighting back.

By the way, while we’re on the topic of newspapers competing for the Christian Trejbal Award for Irresponsible, Agenda-Driven “Journalism,” it seems that a Connecticut newspaper is trying to force municipalities to release the names and addresses of everyone who applies for a concealed carry permit (state law already protects the identities of those who receive the permits–this is an attempt to make an end run around that privacy protection).

Can’t they find any–you know–news to print?

UPDATE: Speaking of Christian Trejbal, look who stopped by–

Perhaps Christian was hoping to find that he had some fans.


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