Deacons for Defenselessness causing hardship to Riverdale

The mayor of Riverdale, IL (home of Chuck’s Gun Shop), although a proponent of strict gun laws herself, takes issue with the harassment campaign engineered by Jesse Jackson and “Snuffy” Pfleger against Chuck’s Gun Shop.

A suburban mayor is speaking out against a protest in her village last weekend. That demonstration ended with the arrests of Reverend Jesse Jackson and Father Michael Pfleger. They have led two protests at Chuck’s Gun Shop in Riverdale. The mayor there says the demonstrations have cost the village thousands of dollars.

The mayor says resources spent on protecting protesters’ rights and safety will be better spent elsewhere, in particular, trying to prevent gun violence. This was all sparked by an incident over the weekend, a protest of a gun shop in Riverdale.

I do not contest the right of people to protest whatever they feel compelled to protest. The Constitution protects such speech, and I would not want to live anywhere that such protections were not provided by law.

Still, when the protests are damaging to the very people they’re ostensibly intended to protect, perhaps a different approach is indicated.

Mayor Evans has expressed interest in accompanying the Deacons for Defenselessness to Springfield, where the legislating is done (Blagojevich’s and Daley’s wishes and delusions notwithstanding).

If it’s new laws they want, their protests should be where laws are made–not at Chuck’s, where they are obeyed.


7 Responses to “Deacons for Defenselessness causing hardship to Riverdale”

  1. opaww Says:

    This might be of interest to you

  2. 45superman Says:

    Yeah, I had seen that. To be honest, I had harbored some doubts about it initially–but I’m starting to get on board with the idea (now that I’ve given it a bit more thought).

    Getting it passed won’t be easy, I’m guessing.

  3. opaww Says:

    No, it’s going to be a hard battle, with enemas I mean enemies like Jesse (I am important) Jackson, Throwing his self preceved power against it. Just remember every little bit help in the fight for our rights.

  4. opaww Says:

    By the wat before I forget I found you a .50 BMG you can use.

    Just don’t let anyone stand within 5 feet either side of you or 20 feet behind.

  5. 45superman Says:

    Yeah–I think I’ll let you try it first 😉 .

  6. opaww Says:

    It’s the hand gun that separates the men from the boys, because a man will shoot it once and put it down a boy will shoot it many times wandering why it hurts so much.

  7. opaww Says:

    This was actualy a .600 nitro exspress custom made hand gun

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