Gun Owners For Ron Paul

If he isn’t the best friend American gun owners (and taxpayers, and freedom lovers, and Constitutional advocates, and . . . ) could have, I would sure like to hear who is.


2 Responses to “Gun Owners For Ron Paul”

  1. hahajohnnyb Says:

    Maybe Ron Paul will finally bring some justice for the Branch Davidians.

    How much would you give to insure that nothing like Waco ever happens again? Ron Paul does not take money from Lobbiests or Corporations, he needs us as much as we need him.

    Donating to Ron Paul now will be a lot cheaper than facing any of the alternatives.

    Cheers, and best wishes to all.

  2. Sean_Galt Says:

    Like Granpa used to say, time to Fish or Cut Bait.

    Going fishin…

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