Must-read at War on Guns

David Codrea’s dismantling of Stanley Crouch’s pusillanimous call for more “gun-control” should be considered required reading for anyone concerned with the attacks on the Constitutionally guaranteed fundamental human right of the individual to keep and bear arms.

In it, David includes a link to his “Rights Watch” column from the May issue of Guns Magazine, in response to an earlier anti-rights piece by Crouch. If that’s not enough, he also includes a letter he wrote to former Cleveland, OH mayor Michael White.

It’s all inspired (and inspiring) writing. I am definitely glad David is one of the good guys–I wouldn’t want to face him as opposition.


2 Responses to “Must-read at War on Guns”

  1. straightarrow Says:

    Damn! Kurt, I posted two comments to this story on the above article by mistake. Sorry.

  2. 45superman Says:

    No problem, SA–figured that’s what happened. I answered it in the other one.

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