Victory for the Paul Helmke/Wayne LaPierre axis

In fairness, I guess I should also call this “Defeat for the Josh Sugarmann/Larry Pratt axis.”

There’s plenty of discussion about this, both from the “Authorized Journalists,” and the gun bloggers. No one really needs my take on it–especially since David has already summed it up perfectly.

Bottom line (as I see it) is that the NICS program is unconstitutional (and expensive), and expanding it is a move in exactly the wrong direction. When you add to that the incredible naiveté required to believe in the concept of a “prohibited persons” list (whereby a person deemed too violent to be permitted to openly buy a gun in a shop is permitted to run loose among society with the ability to acquire a gun illegally, make one at home, or simply commit his carnage by some other method), I have trouble believing that anyone actually expects this to save lives.

Maybe I’m just a skeptic.


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