‘Microstamping’ to no longer be just California Dreamin’?

I’ve written recently about what I think will now be the biggest priority for the citizen disarmament lobby–closing the so-called “gun show loophole,” and from there, moving on to regulate all private sales of firearms (I also touched on that, tangentially, here). There’s another possibility, though, as pointed out by the tyranny enablers at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence have released a new report entitled “Microstamping Technology: Precise and Proven.” The report collects and analyzes some of the most recent research available on this exciting ballistic identification technology, revealing that the microstamping process is feasible, durable and proven. Now that California has enacted a historic, first-of-its-kind microstamping law, law enforcement officials will have unprecedented new tools to solve gun-related crimes. Interest in the technology is growing in other states and at the federal level, with Sen. Edward Kennedy and Rep. Xavier Becerra planning to introduce microstamping legislation during the 2nd session of the 110th Congress.

I’m not sure why they feel the need to write a new bill, with H.R. 1874 already introduced–perhaps the fact that it has been around almost seven months without picking up a single cosponsor has something to do with it (although why they would expect another bill that does the same thing to fare any better is a bit hard to figure, as well).

I don’t really see this silliness getting any traction anytime soon, but it still bears watching.


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