Insurrection Bowl!

If the government is going to continue to insist that our firearms have a “sporting purpose” (or, more accurately, if we’re going to continue to allow our public servants to impose such a requirement upon us), perhaps it’s time for a new sport.

If we’re going to accept the position that the Founding Fathers devoted 10% of the Bill of Rights to the protection of a sport, it’s time for the NIL (National Insurrection League), in which no firearm will be banned because it’s too large, or too small, or too easily afforded by poor people, or too scary looking, or too accurate, or too quiet, or takes too long to run out of ammunition, or doesn’t take long enough to reload with more ammunition.

Alright! Now that Auto Assault 12 shotgun I’ve been wanting has a sporting purpose, as does explosive, fragmenting, armor piercing ammunition for it.

We’re going to need a pretty big stadium, though.


3 Responses to “Insurrection Bowl!”

  1. Hyunchback Says:

    Maybe we could organize some few miles of border country?

    “Well, we were just practicing our sport. The signs are clearly posted.

    In ENGLISH.”

  2. hairy hobbit Says:

    Full auto skeet…The only way to score is to get them all, scoring is based on time.

    I’m down with the idea…can’t afford to compet myself. You have the unelected arbiter of “sporting” to contend with…the sporting fuhrer, who gets to decide just what is allowed to be a sport…but I love the idea.

  3. Hyunchback Says:

    I call dibs for sporting czar (not fuhrer).

    “Sporting is when you hit the chicken feather. Overkill is when you crater the entire county the chicken was in.”

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