Perhaps there’s hope for Congress, after all

For all we’re hearing about the U.S. “turning a corner” on so-called “gun control,” and about the “decline” of America’s gun culture, over half of Congress seems not to have gotten the memo.

A majority of the Senate and more than half of the members of the House will file a brief today urging the Supreme Court to uphold a ruling that the District’s handgun ban violates the Second Amendment.

That’s 55 senators and 250 representatives, for 55% and over 57% of the Senate and House, respectively, who want the Supreme Court to recognize that Washington D.C.’s draconian gun laws violate the Second Amendment. These legislators are taking this position in an election year, which would seem to indicate that they believe their constituents will not be especially unhappy about it.

The pro-rights brief filed by a Congressional majority can be found here (pdf file), and the list of legislators here.

Perhaps the 45 senators and 185 representatives who did not sign would be more interested in looking into this idea of mine.


5 Responses to “Perhaps there’s hope for Congress, after all”

  1. MadRocketScientist Says:

    Why my rep did not sign:

  2. 45superman Says:

    That’s fair–although I don’t really see how a legislator’s signature on an amicus brief would violate separation of powers. Still, I’m not going to tell you to beat him up over it.

  3. Sailorcurt Says:

    I know this is silly but sometimes I just can’t help myself.

    A majority of the Senate and more than half of the members of the House

    Um. Isn’t “more than half” the same thing as “a majority?”

    I know it’s higher math and all, and the author probably was just a journalism major…but isn’t redundancy generally frowned upon in writing? I know it smacked me right in the face the first time I read the sentence.

  4. 45superman Says:

    Yeah, I found that a little odd, myself.

  5. straightarrow Says:

    He had a word quota, ergo he padded.

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