What can you do, but shake your head?

I wasn’t planning on two blog posts this morning (before 4 AM!), but this absolutely demands a look:

Lifelong West Philadelphia resident Latisha Moore, 27, said she believes that if it weren’t for Philadelphia’s lack of gun control, the father of her child wouldn’t be sitting behind bars for murder.

“He never had a gun,” Moore said. “He only got one because everyone else has them.”

The father of Moore’s three-year-old son shot and killed another man in self-defense while under the influence of alcohol, according to Moore.

So which was it–self-defense, or murder? Either way, it’s not a lack of gun laws that caused him to either save his own life (and be imprisoned unjustly), or murder someone.


4 Responses to “What can you do, but shake your head?”

  1. opaww Says:

    If it were self-defense then he would not be in jail.

  2. the texan Says:

    Not necesarily true. I have heard of many arrested for legal possesion and use of a firearm. They were arested just because a firearm was involved.

    Or were you being sarcastic?

  3. opaww Says:

    Being a little sarcastic there but it may also have to do with him drinking and shooting the guy

  4. Lenny Says:

    Philly has a LOT of gun control laws (at least for law abiding people) Handguns have to be registered and at least when i was there no CCW

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