Second Amendment rally in the belly of the beast

If you can get to Chicago (and even if you normally make a point of avoiding Chicago–an easily understandable policy) on July 11th, you need to do so. The Illinois gun rights movement, with the help of ISRA and Illinois Carry, has a little surprise for the purveyors of the forcible citizen disarmament agenda in Illinois.

(Click on image for larger view, or click here for the pdf version).

That’s right–a Second Amendment rally in downtown Chicago, featuring Suzanna Hupp (if you don’t know who she is, or how compelling she is as a speaker, see this).

IGOLD was a big success last year, and a bigger one this year, but the heart of Illinois’ anti-gun tyranny is in Chicago. It’s time to take the fight to them.

UPDATE: I am told that the map on the flyer is incorrect. Will post anew when a corrected map is available. Sorry about that.

UPDATE 2: The map is now corrected, both in the image, and in the pdf version. Again, sorry for the confusion.


4 Responses to “Second Amendment rally in the belly of the beast”

  1. Ol'Coach Says:

    Amtrak puts you within walking distance of the Thompson Center.

    Champaign-Chicago round trip, $53.00!

    For me, that’s less than a tank of gas, no traffic hassle, and no parking fee!


  2. 45superman Says:

    Good info, Coach–thanks.

    I’m hoping that the ISRA page dedicated to this event will soon have extensive transportation info.

  3. Ol'Coach Says:

    Forgot…us ol’ guys get a senior citizen discount, so it’ll be less than $53.

  4. Ol'Coach Says:

    Booked my Amtrak seat today. The “City of New Orleans” which passes through Carbondale, DuQuoin, Mattoon, Champaign, only has 8 coach seats left.

    Better hurry!

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