A (sorta) call to arms in Chicago

It’s been a few days since I’ve mentioned the Second Amendment Freedom Rally (SAFR) in Chicago this coming Friday (July 11). While “merely” being there (or donating to help cover expenses) would do a great deal to advance rights in Chicago, and by extension in Illinois, and indeed the entire nation–The Armed Schoolteacher (the event’s Head Marshal) is looking for volunteers to do still more:

Would YOU like to be a Marshal? Shoot me an email at DonGwinn@TheFiringLine.com and let me know. Marshals will be required to help attendees find their way, pass out literature, make sure aisles and doors are kept clear, keep people from carrying or posting signs inside the building, and smile a lot. Those who can stay after the rally ends will be asked to help us clean up and de-litter the place so it looks better after we’re done than it did when we arrived.

Pay is one free hat for the first 72 volunteers, with the possibility of homemade chocolate-chip cookies.

Being a part of history, getting a free hat and a shot at homemade cookies–you’d be nuts if you didn’t jump on this offer.


2 Responses to “A (sorta) call to arms in Chicago”

  1. Don Gwinn Says:

    That’s all I’m saying.

    Thanks for the link! I think my reader can’t make it to Chicago that weekend, so my blog’s usefulness has topped out.

  2. 45superman Says:

    I’m sure you’ve noticed a massive spike in traffic from this link ;-).

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