Does anyone think they would see things my way on this?

By “they,” I mean the BATFE, and I’m referring to their rather . . . peculiar position that a handgun with a vertical foregrip is not a handgun, but an “AOW,” requiring the navigation of a ridiculously convoluted series of federal hoops.

On the other hand (and still more oddly), bipods apparently are permissible on handguns–or at least Smith and Wesson seems to think so.

My question is this: if bipods are allowed (without the bureaucratic nightmare), what about bipod/grips?

So anyway, as I asked in the title, does anyone think that the BATFE would agree that attaching the above accessory to my next project would not cause it to cease to be a pistol?

I don’t think so either, although if I ask them in advance, they might tell me it’s OK, only to change their minds and send me up the river once I try it.


2 Responses to “Does anyone think they would see things my way on this?”

  1. deadcenter Says:

    I think they’d tell you it was okay before you attached it, then bust you after you’d attached it, then confiscate the vehicle you transported it in, the building you did the attaching in, along with all of the other firearm related equipment (guns, ammunition, tools, etc) stored in that building (presumably your house).



  2. straightarrow Says:

    not to mention confiscation and destruction of their letter advising you it was allowable and then classifying their records as private tax information that the judge cannot see.

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