DC forgot something

Washington DC is scrambling to put in place the most draconian handgun laws they think they can get away with post-Heller, in other words, to find out just how much infringement of that which shall not be infringed will be permitted. They seem to think that the level of “permissible infringement” will be sufficiently high to very nearly nullify the palladium of liberties, and based on what we’ve seen from the Supreme Court, I would not wager that they’re far wrong.

The new DC law would:

–As has been mentioned before, ban semi-automatic pistols–they might have trouble upholding this one, since the majority decision refers to the “common use” test as a criterion for judging gun laws;

–Allow the registration of only one handgun per person;

–Require that guns be unloaded and locked up–this is another provision that might have some trouble holding up, as it seems to fly directly in the face of what small protection of gun rights is provided by Heller;

–Require fingerprints, photographs, written test, and vision test;

–Require that firearm undergo ballistic identification testing–which could take “weeks or months”–I wonder if they’ll find that as useful as Maryland has in terms of fighting crime;

–Prohibit taking the gun outside–even as far as the porch;

And I’m undoubtedly missing some

Getting back to the title of this blog post, though, I think they’ve forgotten something–requiring handgun owners to at all times wear on their clothing a yellow badge in the shape of a revolver (if I had a single iota of Photoshop skills, I’d put something up here–but I don’t).

I bet the Washington Post editorial board would think it’s a splendid idea.


8 Responses to “DC forgot something”

  1. straightarrow Says:

    Once again, a brilliant observation.

  2. 45superman Says:

    Thanks, SA–but I think I am probably better described as “smart ass,” than “brilliant.”

  3. Yas Says:

    One handgun?

    That’s like allowing the freedom of the press to have
    1 pen or only print 1 issue……

    Shall not be-infringed sure does have an odd interpretation in Washington DC from such wizened and educated law makers. Where did they graduate from? The Ron-Co school of law and beauty academy?

  4. Jed Says:

    Nice Job of bringing my attention to this. The leftist liberal socialist will not rest till the take away all of our freedoms which they cannot do till they take away our guns. If they are not going to rest we need to stay vigilant and not stop and celebrate when we do earn a small victory here and there. We need to stay active in educating America nad each other on every front where they are attempting to rip away our freedom.

  5. straightarrow Says:

    I liked very much Mike Van Der Boegh’s shortese essay on record.

    I suggest it should be our standard response.

  6. straightarrow Says:

    not shortese SHORTEST! damn fingers

  7. 45superman Says:

    I agree, but I think there are still few enough of us who would respond that way that the other side need not take us very seriously.

  8. Gregg Says:

    Actually, I think that the “powers that be” OUGHT to take us seriously. Sadly, I expect them not to take us seriously. The end result is ugly. Precisely the reason the 2nd was included. So that they woud take us seriously and avoid the unpleasantness.

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