McCain and Romney sittin’ in a tree . . .

A Boston Globe article refers to “backlash” at the idea of a McCain/Romney ticket–apparently because Romney won’t appeal to McCain’s “base.” Eh? What base? The base that supports pouring blood and billions into war–any war–in the Middle East, to “promote democracy,” while simultaneously choking off freedom in the U.S.?

For me, though, this part was the best:

And Romney lacks the common touch on the campaign trail, as well, [Philip] Klein argues: “All but the most ardent Romney backers would have to admit that it’s hard to see Romney — who signed an assault weapons ban as governor of Massachusetts — going into those gun-clinging small towns of Ohio and Pennsylvania and connecting with locals any better than Barack Obama.”

Well, Phil, you may be right that Romney’s position on so-called “assault weapons” won’t go down too well with voters McCain needs, but it fits in swimmingly with McCain’s own voting record.

In the end, I don’t think we need to worry too much about whom McCain picks as a running mate–about all that’s left to be decided now is what kind of genuflection will be appropriate for expressing our worshipful reverence of the “Lightworker.”

Did someone say we’re “winning”?


2 Responses to “McCain and Romney sittin’ in a tree . . .”

  1. TJH Says:

    From the Disarmer’s Dictionary:


    1: Amenable to the concept of natural rights

    2: Trustworthy

  2. 45superman Says:

    Yeah–exactly the kinds of personal characteristic they despise.

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