War on Guns temporarily shut down

For the few folks who read Armed and Safe, and who don’t first read War on Guns (whaddya’, nuts?), Google, in its infinite wisdom, has identified War on Guns as a “spam blog,” and has blocked Mr. Codrea from entering any new posts until they determine he’s a real person.

Judging from what I’m reading here, there’s a real epidemic of this going on at Google/Blogspot, and resolution is apparently often quite slow.

I am starting to think that Blogspot is a sinking ship that I had best abandon, and I think any other bloggers who use Blogspot might be well advised to explore other options themselves.

Update: It looks as if David is already starting the process of moving.

Update II: David is back at the old place (Google/Blogspot), so hold off on changing bookmarks.

I see that although I have been spared the “spam blog” nonsense inflicted on David and many other bloggers, it has been brought to my attention that Internet Explorer was blocking Armed and Safe. That apparently was related to the SiteMeter hit counter I use–removing that fixed the problem.

I’m so glad the internet keeps “improving,” aren’t you?


One Response to “War on Guns temporarily shut down”

  1. opaww Says:

    Armed and Safe is being blocked by IE but you can still access it through Firefox

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