Gonna be on the radio

This coming Tuesday evening, at 11 PM Eastern time, I’ll be involved in a discussion on Gun Nuts: The Next Generation.

Next week on Gun Nuts: TNG we’re going to be talking to Sebastian of Snowflakes in Hell, as well Kurt from Armed & Safe. While this won’t be a traditional style debate like you’d see from political candidates, we’re going to be having the gentlemen mentioned above discuss both sides of the issue, as they represent relatively opposite ends of the pro-gun movement. Squeaks and I will be neutral, keeping our opinions to ourselves and will really only serve to ask questions and drive the conversation.

The original thread at Sebastian’s had like 200 comments or some ridiculous damn number – a lot of that comes from the fact that we as pro-gun activists are extremely passionate about what we believe, which is why I am really excited about next Tuesday’s show. You can tune in live at www.blogtalkradio.com/gunnuts – Tuesday at 11pm Eastern time!

The issue to which Ahab refers is the (in?)famous letter to the editor written by Mike Vanderboegh, which I discussed here and here, and many other bloggers, including Sebastian, have also discussed (vastly less approvingly than I did).

Sebastian is a sharp guy, and I have exactly ZERO experience with this kind of thing, so I’m just hoping to get through it without embarrassing myself (and my fellow members of the Merry Band of 3%) too badly. I’m still not entirely clear on the format, and don’t know if there will be time devoted to audience participation phone calls–at (347)-539-5436–or not. If so, I could really use some backup from folks who believe that there’s nothing wrong with public discussion of the true purpose of the Second Amendment–defeating tyranny (by, to put it bluntly, killing would-be tyrants).

Folks who disagree are encouraged to lose that number ;-).


UPDATE: I have been informed that the format will indeed (eventually) include time for listeners to call in with questions and/or comments.


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