(Accidentally) making a couple decent points

I’ve never been one to get caught up in the “liberal” vs. “conservative” debate–mostly because it doesn’t make any sense to me, at least the way the two schools of thought are defined these days. Take the “liberal” penchant for forcible citizen disarmament, for example. What’s “liberal” about a government monopoly on force? Sounds like a position more to the liking of fascists, to me. On the other hand, we have “conservatives” (or at least neo-conservatives) who seem to want to grow the federal government to a size FDR hadn’t dared imagine.

John Norton apparently identifies himself as a “liberal,” and has written a sarcastic piece exhorting his fellow “liberals” to embrace the Second Amendment. The funny thing is, he almost certainly unintentionally hit on some valid points.

I had an awesome vision: the well-armed liberal. This vision opened a host of questions resulting in new insights.

Why should conservatives have almost all the guns?

How about history? The Second Amendment itself provided for the arming not of conservatives but, believe it or not, the liberals of their day. The militias and minutemen were more than liberals, they became radical revolutionaries. The Second Amendment says arm them. The conservatives of that time were Tories loyal to a right-wing monarch who sought to suppress these enflamed liberals. So, our very revolutionary origins depended upon well-armed liberals fighting against the forces of conservatism.

Indeed. This goes back to what I’ve said all along about there being nothing liberal about forcible citizen disarmament. After that, he gets his sarcasm going full steam, and says nothing worthy of even a rebuttal. Follow the link and read it if you’re really bored.

I will respond to his last paragraph, though.

So, all you liberals out there get in line at your local gun shop. Load up for the big battle. But hurry. Second Amendment conservatives are sure to see the consequences of armed liberal elitists. A new revelation surely will follow. The merit of gun control will gain unexpected new support. Conservative members of the Supreme Court will rediscover that the Second Amendment does, indeed, allow targeted legislation to control guns.

His assertion, apparently, is that whomever he refers to as “Second Amendment conservatives” will become disenchanted with Constitutional protection for the fundamental, absolute human right of the individual to keep and bear arms, if “liberals” start exercising that right en masse.

That, clearly, is either a lie, or sheer stupidity (perhaps both). No one I would refer to as a gun rights advocate would argue that one’s right to keep and bear arms should depend in any way on one’s political ideology.

So if the “liberals” (whoever they are) wish to embrace the Second Amendment and arm themselves, I say more power to them.


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