Project Exile: ‘keeping an eye on’ Richmond

I am not, and have never been, a fan of Project Exile, whereby the entire weight of the federal government is thrown against “gun criminals.” I could go into a long explanation of why I oppose enforcement of unconstitutional laws, even against the scum who tend to be the targets of Project Exile, but the arguments are made better than I could do so here.

I bring this up because of a Wall Street Journal article that states that both the NRA and the Brady Campaign support Project Exile and similar efforts (yeah–that makes me feel better about the idea), and that more cities are looking into the idea.

Although the NRA is challenging gun laws in various cities such as San Francisco and Chicago, it supports Richmond’s efforts.

“By prosecuting them they prevent the drug dealer, the gang member and the felon from committing the next crime,” says NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre. “Leave the good people alone and lock up the bad people and dramatically cut crime.”

Although it wants more done to tamp down the supply of guns, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence also supports Richmond’s efforts, says Peter Hamm, Brady spokesman. The organization supports any measure that reduces violent crime, which the Richmond effort is doing, he says.

The BATFE is enthusiastically on board with the idea, of course (“Yeah–I guess we’ll accept more power and a bigger budget.”)

North of downtown, Mr. Swann and fellow ATF agent James Panos cruise in an unmarked car. While the agents conduct investigations, they also patrol like city police, engaging citizens and talking to potential suspects, “just to let them know we’re here and keeping an eye on them,” Mr. Swann says.

Frankly, I’m more concerned about the need to keep an eye on Mr. Swann. It’s interesting, though, that just as more and more police departments are becoming increasingly militarized, we also have federal agents driving around playing street cop. One big, happy, police state family.

Project Exile, the NICS “Improvement” Act–the NRA and the Bradyites (not to mention the BATFE) are getting downright chummy, aren’t they?


One Response to “Project Exile: ‘keeping an eye on’ Richmond”

  1. tjbbpgob Says:

    I guess it’s alright to burn some peoples rights, take their belongings, steal their homes but not others. I think the ricco statues are unconstitutional too but what do I know.

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