About last night . . .

The podcast debate discussed here went reasonably well, I thought, aside from the fact that I didn’t have a very good phone connection. For those who missed it last night, it can be downloaded here.

In the end, though, I doubt it resolved much of anything–and there is at least one thing that I think is very much in need of resolution. The gun bloggers who reacted with such outraged indignation over Mr. Vanderboegh’s letter seem to demand that we treat overt enemies of private firearm ownership with vastly more courtesy and respect than some of the more conciliatory gun rights advocates are willing to treat us hard liners. Building bridges is great, but do you have to burn bridges to do it?

Ironically, the vituperative howls of indignation from the “pragmatics”–the calls to silence us less “polite” gun rights advocates (good luck with that, by the way) are what kept this issue on the front burner, and provoked us to dig in our heels. It’s “gun rights advocates” volunteering to shoot us, who make us all the more determined.

So–if the pragmatics are convinced that the battle for gun rights is so close to being won that they need a new set of enemies to replace the ostensibly vanquished citizen disarmament advocates, I suppose we of the Merry Band of 3% can fill that role.

I still think it’s an odd–and not especially “pragmatic”–choice of battles.



2 Responses to “About last night . . .”

  1. Snowflakes in Hell » Blog Talk Radio Show Says:

    […] his show “Extreme Gun Activism” (I feel like I need to buy a helmet and knee pads).  Kurt says: Ironically, the vituperative howls of indignation from the “pragmatics”–the calls to silence […]

  2. HTownTejas Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Mr. V pointing out consequences to aspiring tyrants hardly seems worth the vitriol some gun bloggers and readers have responded with. With friends like that…..



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