The dreaded .50 caliber ‘assault pistol’

Nearly a year-and-a-half ago, I announced my plans to get an AR pistol chambered for .50 Beowulf. Some day, perhaps, I would come up with a practical application for it, but actually, practical applications aren’t the point here. The point is that as a handgun (technically), an “assault weapon” (making it the dreaded “assault pistol“), and a .50 caliber gun, this single firearm constitutes a three-pronged attack on the tender sensibilities of the forcible disarmament advocates. I know, by the way, that the .50 Beowulf is vastly less powerful than the .50 BMG cartridge that so terrifies the other side, but most of them don’t–they hear “.50 caliber,” and visualize me knocking down jumbo jets at 30,000 feet.

One of my favorite statist civilian disarmers, Commissar . . . er, Illinois State Senator (and former executive director of the rabidly anti-gun Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence) Dan Kotowski, has made going after .50 caliber guns, magazines with capacities of eleven or more rounds, “assault weapons,” etc., a signature issue of his. It is he, in fact, who I credit with inspiring me to get such a firearm. There’s just something about being told that one must be prevented from owning some item, that makes that item all that much more desirable.

Actually turning my “.50 caliber protest” into reality was a long road, with numerous twists and detours, but the destination has now been reached. I present (drum roll, please) . . . Kotowski’s Lament:

Clearly, I’m no photographer.

Here’s another shot, with the dreaded “high capacity” magazine (designed to hold 90 rounds of .223/5.56mm, but can be used to hold 34 rounds of .50 Beowulf–although it’s not full in the picture).

Well, do you like it, Dan? Come down to this part of the state and go to the range with me–I’ll make a shooter out of you yet.


25 Responses to “The dreaded .50 caliber ‘assault pistol’”

  1. Sebastian Says:

    If the barrel on that is less than 10.5 inches, you could use it to shoot IHMSA big bore 🙂

  2. 45superman Says:

    Darn the luck–2 inches over.

  3. Snowflakes in Hell » Big Bore AR Pistol Says:

    […] Shoots the .50 Beowulf.  The funny thing is, it would probably make a pretty good gun for shooting IHMSA big bore, if its barrel were just a little shorter.  That round would have no trouble knocking over the rams.  The only other problem is I suspect it’s probably heavier than IHMSA allows for. […]

  4. SayUncle » Gun Porn Says:

    […] the dreaded 50 caliber assault pistol: Not only does it kill on both ends, it makes the antis cry from both ends. […]

  5. Linoge Says:

    Love the gun – something about the phrase “anti-materiel pistol” just sounds awesome.

    However, on a slightly-related note… Assuming that is a BSA sight on top, how do you get the gorramed thing to hold a zero, especially with the kick I am imagining for that particular piece of hardware?

  6. 45superman Says:

    That’s a good question, although the sight is ATN, not BSA–but either way, it’s probably a bit (or maybe a lot) overly optimistic for me to count on that holding.

    That sight is just a stopgap–I pulled it off a Kel-Tec PLR-16, just to have something on there while I give my finances a breather. I’m thinking of the EOTech 512 when I can afford it, but I’m open to suggestions.

    Damn–got caught with the cheap sight on my otherwise cool gun.

  7. Linoge Says:

    Heh, no worries – I only caught it because I have its BSA brother attached to my tacticool M1A SOCOM II, and the stupid little thing could not hold a zero if I welded it in place. I guess that is what I get for spending all of $30 on it.

  8. BWM Says:

    Wow. That is seriously fk’n cool.

  9. .50 Beowulf AR Pistol | The Firearm Blog Says:

    […] .50 Beowulf AR Pistol Very cool. […]

  10. John Says:

    Helluva pocket pistol 🙂

  11. 45superman Says:

    Helluva pocket pistol 🙂

    I’m having a bit of trouble with my Thunderwear–can’t figure it out.

  12. dave Says:

    Now try to find a holster for it ^_^

  13. jeff Says:

    very cool. you even offended liberal sensibilities (term used loosely) by including a extra scary high cap mag.

    Well done Sir!!!!!!!!

  14. 45superman Says:

    Yeah–I had to do that–one of Kotowski’s biggest goals is banning mags with a capacity of eleven or more rounds. He even gutted a bill that was supposed to be about protecting children from sexual exploitation, and turned it into a magazine capacity limit bill.

    They’ve been trying hard to pass that bill for the last year-and-a-half. They got it through the Senate, but we’ve managed to contain it in the House.

  15. TZL Says:

    awesome…..i imagine there will be sore wrists from firing that…..pow !

  16. 45superman Says:

    i imagine there will be sore wrists from firing that

    All the better to remember the fun ;).

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  18. oh hot damn Says:

    this is by far, the coolest thing i have ever seen. even better than a block of C4.

  19. david Says:

    if you ever go to sell would love!!!!!!!!! to buy

  20. Hunter Says:

    Did you have to modify the 90 rnd drum for the Beowulf rnd to run consistently?

  21. Kurt Hofmann Says:

    I haven’t modified it, and it runs well, but in practical terms, it’s pretty unwieldy.

  22. colt m4 Says:

    colt m4…

    […]The dreaded .50 caliber ‘assault pistol’ « Armed and Free[…]…

  23. JimmYKeith Says:

    Your my hero

  24. Tommyknockerman Says:

    You should put a “Shoulder Brace” on it. Might help with the unwieldy part.

  25. Nurv Says:

    Hi, on occasion I get a 400 website message when I browse this website. Just a heads up, best wishes

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