Making amends;

Last Friday, I wrote about my having, earlier that week, become a life member of the NRA, despite my numerous misgivings about the leadership. I explained why I decided against allowing those misgivings to prevent me from becoming–for life–a member of The Enemy’s most hated and feared nemesis, the NRA. I mentioned my dream of the NRA returning to the kind of organization it once was, with men like Neal Knox (the kind of “SNBI extremist” I can only aspire to becoming) leading the way.

I also talked about some other gun rights organizations with which I am involved. Most, if not all, of these are considered much more “extremist” than the NRA.

In a comment responding to that blog post, Jeff Knox (son of Neal Knox), gently chastised me for failing to mention another gun rights group–the Firearms Coalition (founded by Neal Knox)–that is just as highly principled and unwilling to accept some new, arbitrary definition of shall not be infringed as an “extremist” like me could ask for. Here’s an excerpt of his comment (be sure to read the whole thing–it’s worth it):

I appreciate the hat-tip to my father, Neal Knox, but I was a little disappointed that you didn’t mention his organization, The Firearms Coalition, as one of the groups that you support. The Firearms Coalition has been in the trenches lobbying Congress and the NRA for almost 25 years. We have been providing thoughtful, reliable information, without hype, bluster, and manic fund raising pleas, since the 4th of July, 1984.

Aside from the fact it should have been accompanied with a good, swift kick to my rear end, I fully agree with Jeff’s message. I honestly don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to mention the Firearms Coalition–I’ve been a member (if a rather inactive one) for years, so I can’t claim ignorance of the organization. The best I can do is to claim cerebral flatulence–not an excuse I’m proud to use.

The Firearms Coalition is indeed an essential resource for gun rights advocacy, and one that, speaking personally, I have all but ignored for far too long. I haven’t yet taken more than a cursory look at their project (mentioned in Jeff’s comment),, but I am definitely going to correct that deficiency.

Maybe if enough of us “SNBIs” do so, we can refute the accusations of being unwilling to do the hard work of real political activism within the system.


One Response to “Making amends;”

  1. Jeff Knox Says:

    Thank you.
    Look forward to you help on
    Since it is almost entirely user driven, its usefulness to the gun rights movement is going to depend on how actively people from all over the country contribute information.
    We all know who’s running for President. Who’s running for Congress from your home district and how are they on guns?
    If everyone will just answer a couple of questions like that, we’ll have an unbeatable resource.
    Thanks again.

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