Brady Campaign still going after Rep. Dennis Reboletti, this time with the help of one of our favorite aldermen

The Brady Campaign really wants to punish State Representative Dennis Reboletti (R-46th District) for having the audacity to thwart their forcible citizen disarmament agenda. I’ve written about this before, but am bringing it up again because the Brady Campaign is once again touting their campaign against him.

Brian Malte of the Brady Campaign was joined by Chicago 2nd Ward Alderman Bob Fioretti, 33rd Ward Alderman Richard F. Mell, gun violence survivor Willie Williams and Cook County State’s Attorney Richard A. Devine at Crane High School in Chicago to announce plans for holding Illinois state legislators accountable on the gun issue in this year’s elections.

Alderman Richard F. Mell . . . where have I encountered that name before? Ah–now I remember–the advocate of restrictive gun laws who also uses his clout to push additional laws to help out when he finds himself afoul of such laws. But hey–what’s the point of being an alderman if you can’t tailor the laws to your own benefit?

Days of Our Trailers and Snowflakes in Hell both have more, and both make the observation that for the Brady Bunch to work this hard in a part of the country (Chicago ‘burbs) where one would expect them to effortlessly reign supreme says something about where the BC’s political relevance has gone.

A win for Reboletti would be not just a defeat for the Brady Bunch, but a rather embarrassing defeat. Any readers who live in (or even near) his district are encouraged to do what they can to help him out.

UPDATE: I somehow missed Nicki’s take on this (delivered in her standard, inimitable style).


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