Josh Horwitz’s suggested response to tyranny: sit there and take it

I’ve already written more than once about the contention of Josh Horwitz and his Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) that government should have a monopoly on force. Apparently, this theme is an important one to Josh, as evidenced by the fact that he’s at it again.

In discussing the Heller decision, he really gets his knickers in a twist.

Upon closer reading, however, the majority opinion drafted by Justice Scalia goes far beyond simply asserting an individual right to own a firearm in the home for self defense against common criminals. Incredibly, he also endorsed an individual right to commit acts of violence against a “tyrannical” federal government which, if history is any lesson, most Americans would find appalling.

Yep–he finds it “incredible” that anyone would suggest that tyranny should be forcefully resisted. Left unsaid, of course, is the fact that the alternatives to fighting back with force (or “violence,” as Josh puts it) would be politely asking for an end to the tyranny (yeah–that usually works), or . . . sitting there and taking it.

He then falls back to his standard of attacking the straw man argument that the Second Amendment is an endorsement of revolution. He quite correctly points out that no government can legitimately enshrine its own destruction.

The problem with his carefully crafted position is that it attacks an argument that no one is making. Those of us he describes as “insurrectionists” have never argued that the Second Amendment enshrines the right to rebel against the government–it protects our right to possess the tools we would need to fight back against a government that had lost its legitimacy, a government that by virtue of having violated its own Constitutional mandates had surrendered any claim it once had to the citizens’ loyalty.

There may not remain in America many who will refuse to ask for liberty, and will instead seize it by whatever means necessary, but can you be sure, Josh, that the numbers are small enough that the tyranny you would enable will prevail?



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