Foreign Policy Out Of Focus

Yawn. Frida Berrigan, yet another “think tank” denizen, is pushing forcible citizen disarmament in the U.S., because of violence in Mexico. She wastes no time making her position clear–the title is “Too Many Guns.”

The violence is fueled in part by the high-tech, high-quality weapons bought at gun shows and shops in the United States. According to the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, more than 90% of guns seized after shootings or police raids in Mexico or at the border can be traced back to the United States. Last year alone, 2,455 weapons traces concluded that the guns had been purchased in the United States.

Where do they come from? There are more than 6,700 licensed gun dealers across four states within a short drive of the United States’ 2,000-mile border with Mexico — three dealers for every mile of border territory. Each state has its own set of laws for gun sales. California has instituted a 30-day waiting period and banned the sale of assault rifles; neighboring Nevada and Arizona have not. The ease with which huge numbers of deadly weapons are bought and smuggled has led law-enforcement officials to dub the region an “iron river of guns.”

The author doesn’t bother to mention that much of the killing is committed with machine guns, grenades and RPGs (unless that’s what she means by “high-tech, high-quality weapons”), weapons that are extremely heavily regulated in the U.S.

This is our right to bear arms in practice. And it’s not saving lives or guarding liberties.

Hmm–I thought this was “our right to bear arms in practice,” and it’s doing both.

Shouldn’t a global treaty against guns be next?

With what do you intend to enforce the terms of that treaty, Frida–strong language?

Good luck with that.



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