And this is an attempt to reassure gun owners? Texas gun owners?

This letter to the editor, written by Barbara Hudson, Blanco County (Texas) Democratic Party Chairperson, certainly takes an . . . interesting approach to courting the gun owner vote.

Democrats will protect Americans’ Second Amendment right to own firearms, and will keep guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists by fighting gun crime, reauthorizing the assault weapons ban, and closing the gun show loophole, as President Bush proposed and failed to do. Democrats passed the Brady Law and the Assault Weapons Ban. We increased federal, state and local gun crime prosecution by 22 percent since 1992. Now gun crime is down 35 percent. Now we must do even more. We need mandatory child safety locks, especially for hand guns. Requirements should be a photo license I. D., a background check, and a gun safety test to buy a handgun.

I suppose one might say that Barbara is promising a Democratic “Blanket of Protection” for gun rights.

That’s one raggedy blanket.

JR has it covered in detail here, as does The Pistolero, here–he doesn’t seem inclined to pull any punches.


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