We’re not going away

I wasn’t really planning to write about the election today, because A) I imagine most readers know as much about what happened as I do (at least); and B) as far as I’m concerned, the issue of gun rights lost months ago, in the primary season. Still, I’m writing about the election anyway–in large part because I can’t come up with anything else to write at the moment.

The first thing I want to say is a repetition of something I’ve said elsewhere: ALL IS NOT LOST. This nation has survived bigger crises than this–the British aren’t currently burning Washington and marching on Baltimore, the Japanese aren’t bombing Pearl Harbor, and Khruschev isn’t deploying nukes in Cuba. Also, there appears not to be a crown on Obama’s sacred head.

Finally, my favorite Senator, Sen. Phil E. Buster, seems to have narrowly retained a seat. We may need for him to be busy for at least a couple years.

That’s not to minimize the gravity of the situation–I don’t agree with Dave Kopel’s assessment of “No net loss for the Second Amendment.” As recently as 2006, I was reassured by the idea of “pro-gun Democrats,” like Jon Tester, only to be sorely disappointed.

Still, they haven’t passed their “reasonable gun laws” yet, and when they try, we’ll see just what kind of grassroots activism we can put together. If they do pass such laws, they’ll find that to have been the easy part. If they’re counting on having more JBT’s than we have live cartridges, I think they’ll be very unpleasantly surprised.

I think I’ll close on that note, except to point out someone’s wiser words about the current situation.


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