Actually, we’re protecting ourselves from the Reds

Yesterday, I put up a rather angry post responding to Sociology Professor Ben Agger’s assertion that the recent spike in sales of so-called “assault weapons” is rooted in racism. Here it is again:

One expert sees a darker motive driving some post-election gun purchasers.

“Why are white people buying assault weapons?” said Ben Agger, a sociology professor at the University of Texas at Arlington who wrote a book about the Virginia Tech slayings. “I almost hate to say it, but there is a deep-seated fear of the armed black man, because Obama now commands the military and other instruments of the justice system. They are afraid Obama will exact retribution for the very deep-seated legacy of slavery.”

By the way, I missed this line in the article yesterday.

A few say they are preparing to protect themselves in the event of a race war.

“A few” are saying that? So few, apparently, that the author of the article and his source, Professor Agger (oh–and Lewis Farrakhan–but charges of racism from him are a classic case of the pot calling the kettle . . . er, racist), seem to have a virtual monopoly on the claim.

There are very few classes of people I despise more than bigots. Question my sexual alignment, my ancestry, or my mother’s and sisters’ virtue, and I’ll just laugh you off as a puerile blowhard. Refer to me (with my middle name of “John-Martin,” after John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.) as a bigot, though, and we’re going to have problems.

There’s also the little issue of the fact that citizen disarmament policies are themselves rooted in racial oppression.

David Codrea
took a rather calmer (and more productive) approach than my blind anger, and did a bit of research into Prof. Agger‘s background, and was kind enough to email me with some of his findings. Consider, for example, this little gem:

This is not to suggest that socialism is, or should be, dropped as a political aim, to be hoped for and fought for.

Socialism is to be “fought for“? I imagine that if the bourgeois have no access to effective militia arms, that fight for socialism will go a lot more easily, won’t it? That wouldn’t have anything to do with your position, would it, Professor?

As the title of this post says, color has something to do with the reasoning behind arming oneself, but the color that concerns us isn’t black.

By the way, I’m sure Professor Agger and “Authorized Journalist” Witt would love to hear what folks think:

Professor Ben Agger:
Howard Witt:

One more thing–I learned of Witt’s Chicago Tribune article through “Chicagoist: Gun Nuts Stock Up After Obama Win.” A look at the comments should provide a good idea of the kind of “post-partisan reconciliation” we can expect from the Obammunists.

War on Guns has much more.


One Response to “Actually, we’re protecting ourselves from the Reds



    Upon this Nineteenth Day of April, Two-thousand and Eight Years A.D.,

    We The People, Do Hereby Declare and Proclaim Ourselves;
    To Be in Agreement with the Spirit, Meaning and Intent of the Constitution which Established the Republic Acknowledged as that of These United States, and In General with the Spirit, Meaning and Intent of Constitutions Having Established Our Respective States within the Union.
    We the People, Do Hereby Declare and Proclaim Ourselves;
    To Be Peaceful and Law-abiding American Citizens and Hold every Honest Intent to Assent, Abide and Bind Ourselves to;
    All Constitutionally-Permissible, Just and Rightfully-Enacted Laws.

    In Honor of and Having Respect for, Those Patriots who Responded to the Crisis which Occurred on the 19th day of April in 1775;
    In Honor of and Having Respect For, Those Righteous Persons who Sacrificed All Which They Had to Cause Tyranny and Despotism to Be Abolished;
    In Honor of and Having Respect for, Those who Courageously and Brilliantly Brought Forth from the Articles of Confederation a System of Government by Consent of The People;
    A System which Separated the Powers Within and Limited those Powers Afforded to the New General Government;
    In Honor of and Having Respect for, Those Who Sacrificed and Died, those now Passed Away, Those who Served and those Now In Service Defending Our Nation from Our Enemies

    We The People, as Self-Governing, Self-Regulating and Responsible American Citizens, Do Hereby Issue to All Federal, State and Local Governments;
    All Branches, Agencies, Agents, Authorities, Officials and Representatives of The People Thereof and Therein,
    An Order To;
    Cease and Desist from Any and All Further Attempts to Infringe Upon the GOD-Given and Common-law Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms.

    As Any and All Governments within these United States Derive their Just Powers Only From The People; and
    Continue to Govern Only In Accordance With the Will, By the Grace and With the Consent of The People;
    We the Independent, Peaceful and Intentionally Law-Abiding American Citizens Residing as Members of the Whole Body of The People;
    Do Declare and Proclaim by All which We Hold to Be Morally Right, Just and Consistent with Individual Rights Endowed Upon Each Person by Their CREATOR;
    Not In Any Way Granted or Afforded by Any Lesser Authority;
    In Accordance with our Moral Obligations and Duty to Ourselves, Other Citizens, State and Nation;
    As Testament To and In Accordance With Our Will;
    We The People Do Hereby Declare and Issue This PROCLAMATION.
    As It Has Been Said, So It Shall Be.


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