Police reaction in New Mexico to spike in sales of so-called ‘assault weapons’: shrug

Advocates of forcible citizen disarmament never tire of pointing to police support for bans of politically incorrect firearms, as “evidence” that such bans are necessary. Typically, the quoted support comes not from the actual beat cops, but from an “Only One in Chief“, who is appointed by, and answerable to, the mayor and/or city council–which tend to have their own citizen disarmament agendas.

Apparently, though, the memo hasn’t reached at least part of New Mexico, where the Farmington, NM police chief and San Juan County Sheriff have noted the run on so-called “assault weapons,” but are not concerned.

A recent spike in demand for assault weapons is putting hundreds of additional high-powered weapons into San Juan County homes, but law enforcement agencies say that won’t cause an increased threat to officers.

“Most of these assault-type weapons that everyone is talking about are being bought by home owners. Those people who are buying those kind of weapons aren’t the ones we’re usually dealing with on a day-to-day basis,” Farmington Police Chief Jim Runnels said.

[ . . . ]

“There isn’t a higher threat,” San Juan County Sheriff’s Lt. Tyler Truby said. “Although there are being more firearms lawfully purchased right now, that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s going to be an increase in the hands of people who are going to be using them for any unlawful purpose.”

What’s that you say? More firepower in the hands of people disinclined to use it for evil isn’t a problem? Blasphemy! The International Association of Chiefs of Police won’t like that.

I should acknowledge that Farmington Police Chief Runnels did parrot one of the statists’ talking points:

But with rising numbers of the high-powered weapons in residences and rising numbers of home burglaries in the area, assault rifles might find their way into criminal hands.

“A significant portion of these weapons could turn up as stolen property and then they’re on the street,” Runnels said.

Then again, “assault rifle” ammo “might find” it’s “way into criminal[s’]” bodies.

The article does make one interesting point I hadn’t considered.

“This has been a concern long before what’s going on now, as more and more weapons were made available,” Runnels said. “By and large, law enforcement has kept up with the types of weapons, as far as not being outgunned.”

But the dramatically increased demand for firearms in recent weeks hasn’t left local law enforcement agencies unscathed. Police report ammunition costs have risen by as much as 30 percent.

Although many have attributed the increasing ammunition costs to American wars in the Middle East, Runnels said suppliers have reported a dramatic increase in demand from civilian gun owners.

“The ammunition is still available, there’s just been a price increase,” Truby said. “It definitely does impact our budget.

Guess you can thank “The Lightworker,” his policies, and his ideological allies for that.


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