Easing back into things, with an exciting announcement that’s probably not news to anyone here

I’ve kinda developed a bad habit of burning out on blogging for weeks at a time, without warning or explanation. I really need to stop doing that. If I still have any readers, I apologize.

Anyway, I’m feeling motivated to write again, but after a month of being out of touch, I’m going to set the bar for myself kinda low, and instead of trying to come up with any deep insights, point to an exciting new development relating to one of my (many) betters (a much better, in fact).

Back in October, I mentioned that David Codrea (War on Guns) had a new gig (yet another one–this is a guy who knows how to work through the kind of burnout that shuts me down so often). I refer to the Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner column.

The exciting news is that the Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner column will soon be known as simply the Gun Rights Examiner–it’s going national.

Coming in early January, the “Cleveland” is going away.

The column has done well both regionally and in the “Politics” category. So the powers that be have decided they’ll be better served if it goes national–meaning it will now show up on the national page as well as be accessible from 59 separate city pages.

This is big news, folks. This is one of the best gun bloggers (and I would make the case for dropping the “one of the”) gaining a national audience that’s not limited to the gun blogosphere.

Congratulations, David, and go get ’em.


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