Triggers with a pulse?

A longtime nemesis of gun rights (and thus liberty) in Illinois, state Commissar Senator Dan Kotowski (whom I have discussed often) was interviewed last month by the citizen disarmament advocacy organization he once directed, the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence (ICHV). ICHV’s website is laid out rather awkwardly, and I can’t link directly to the interview, but at the moment, it’s the top item here.

The interview is pretty much what one would expect (“Guns are bad, mmkay?”), but the last question sheds some light on what Kotowski apparently considers the next front in the war on the peaceable armed citizenry of Illinois.

ICHV: In your view, what should the gun control movement be focusing on in the coming years?

Sen. Kotowski: We have to think outside of the box. It’s not just about focusing on owners, since the vast majority are law abiding, but making sure that the gun industry is looking out for the health and safety of children. How can we get this industry to be more accountable? That is where the battle will be waged.

In the next year or two, we have to show that there are reasonable ways to keep our kids and families safe. In Illinois, for example, we need to give the Attorney General authority to approve health and safety standards for loading indicators, drop fire tests, finger-printing recognition software, and trigger pulse standards.

So, California-style “safety” requirements, New Jersey-style “smart gun” requirements (just don’t even get me started), and . . . “trigger pulse standards”? Being the generous sort, I’ll give Kotowski the benefit of the doubt, and assume that he’s no Carolyn “What’s a barrel shroud” McCarthy, and that it was whoever at ICHV who did the interview who mistook “trigger pull standards” (meaning, presumably, that guns would be required to have triggers too heavy to fire accurately) for “trigger pulse“, rather than Kotowski himself.

Still, one would think that an organization whose sole purpose is attacking gun rights would at least have learned enough about the subject of what they’re trying to regulate to know that triggers don’t have a pulse.


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