‘Assault Rifle Ban Would Enhance Rights . . . ‘

There’s some New Jersey “logic” for you. I don’t know if even Illinois legislators are brazen enough to make a claim like that, but that’s what a “study,” released by a “non-partisan” group in NJ claims–“NEW ANALYSIS: ASSAULT RIFLE BAN WOULD ENHANCE RIGHTS OF BATTLEFIELD RE-ENACTORS.” The group in question is the Office of Legislative Services (OLS), and the proposed law under discussion, New Jersey A-2116, is actually a ban on .50 caliber rifles (including in-line muzzleloaders) and handguns.

So “How,” you ask, “would such a law enhance rights?” I’ll just let OLS explain:

The nonpartisan Office of Legislative Services (OLS) analysis found the legislation would enhance the rights of battlefield re-enactors. That’s because it includes an exemption for antique and muzzle loading firearms with a caliber greater than 60 that use a traditional flintlock or cap lock and rely on black powder.

A popular firearm for Revolutionary War re-enactors is the Brown Bess, a .75-caliber muzzleloader that, it turns out, is actually illegal to possess under state law.

Ah, well that explains it, then; it makes it easier to re-enact the Revolutionary War. On the other hand, it does make it more difficult to actually fight a battle to throw off modern tyranny, but we are apparently to believe that that’s a small price to pay. If I seem to be trivializing Revolutionary War re-enacting, that’s not at all my intention–I think it’s a fine way to honor the courage and sacrifice that won American liberty, and established our national and cultural identity.

Still, given a choice between the ability to legally re-enact the War of Independence, and the ability to acquire the tools for fighting a potential future War of Restoration, I would have to put the re-enactment in second place.

Anyone who believes that such a law would be a net gain for rights must also believe “War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength.”


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