The ‘crime’ of traveling freely

Don’t have time for much today, so this is just going to be a quick update to yesterday’s post.

New information indicates that our “gun criminal,” Phillip Dominguez, tried very hard to comply with California’s byzantine, draconian gun laws, and apparently almost managed it.

Dominguez said he didn’t think he was breaking any laws since all the weapons and ammo were in separate, locked boxes.

One would think that would appease the “authorities”–the guns were rendered useless for self-defense, just the way the statists like it.

He showed officials the paperwork proving the assault rifle was registered and gave them the keys and combinations of all the lockboxes, he said. The Bushmaster “Shorty,” a semiautomatic rifle modeled on the military’s AR15, was the reason he was finally arrested.

“It posed no threat to nobody,” said Dominguez.

Well . . . yes and no. There was no threat, apparently, of the Bushmaster being used to shoot anyone, but to statist thugs bent on utter domination of the subjects . . . er, citizens, the mere possession by private citizens of an effective fighting arm is a threat (which, come to think of it, is kinda the point of the Second Amendment, isn’t it?).

Dominguez said he got state permission to own and use the assault rifle last month . . .

He got permission for the exercise of that which shall not be infringed, just as the Founding Fathers intended he should have to, I’m sure.

. . . but the approval letter didn’t mention it was illegal in California to make a pit stop while transporting the weapon from his home to the gun range.

That code requires that “registered assault weapons may be transported only between specified locations,” according to the Web site of the California attorney general’s office.

Ah–there’s your mistake, Mr. Dominguez–you somehow failed to realize that when you transport a so-called “assault weapon,” even if you have jumped through all the little, unconstitutional hoops, you sacrifice the right to travel freely.

By what authority does California deny that right? Don’t worry about it–just do what you’re told.


One Response to “The ‘crime’ of traveling freely”

  1. HTownTejas Says:

    Can’t blame the Californian’s for being frightened, they don’t have any idea what a free man looks like.

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