A knife in the back from the ‘NRA Winning Team’

I’ve written about (and again here) the NRA’s being too precious to risk getting a bloody nose in the fight to block the confirmation of Eric Holder as Attorney General. Sadly, tacit acceptance of a nightmare for gun owners is the sort of thing I’ve come to expect from the NRA.

What I didn’t expect, though, is active support on the part of an NRA board member for Holder’s confirmation (more here). In his letter (pdf file) to Senator Leahy, Barr had the audacity to praise Holder with regard to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

However, I never had reason to question his personal and professional integrity, or his deep understanding of and commitment to our Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights.

Granted, the position of one NRA board member is not necessarily the position of the NRA leadership as a whole (actually, the NRA seems to have decided on a strategy of boldly not taking any position whatsoever–“800 lb. gorilla of the gun rights movement,” indeed). Still, any organization that would tout Barr as a member of their “winning team” would seem to be a prime candidate for a coaching change, at the very least.

In other Holder news (courtesy of Gun Rights Examiner), opposition (not necessarily on gun rights issues) to his confirmation seems to be building


“The attorney general nominee, Mr. Holder, has got serious questions to respond to with regard to his role in the . . . pardons at the end of the Clinton administration and some other matters,” McConnell said yesterday. “Beyond that, I don’t anticipate trouble for the new president’s nominees.”

That’s funny–I keep hearing that we should just shut up and get used to the inevitability of Holder’s confirmation.

Then again, I’ve never been very good at shutting up and accepting inevitabilities.


One Response to “A knife in the back from the ‘NRA Winning Team’”

  1. HTownTejas Says:

    I couldn’t swallow my principles and vote for Bob Barr for president (even given Obama and McCain as alternatives), and he confirms my suspicions that he never stopped being a statist prick.

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