Brady Campaign looks on the bright side of Stockton schoolyard massacre

I’ve condemned the citizen disarmament movement’s “blood dancing” in response to atrocities committed by sick, evil punks before, but am rarely given such a glaring example of it as this.

Twenty Years Since A Nightmare:
Stockton, CA School Shooting Of 35
Led To Strengthening Of Gun Laws

That’s how a citizen disarmament advocate looks on the “bright side”–if the slaughter of innocent children leads to more restrictive gun laws, that’s the price of “progress.”

“Stockton was a critical moment in the history of the fight for sensible gun laws in America,” Helmke said.

The Stockton massacre was an unmitigated atrocity, and to portray it as anything else is reprehensible.

Still, the Brady Bunch hasn’t yet caught up to Carolyn “What’s a barrel shroud” McCarthy, and her introduction of H.R. 1859 (outlawing non-reduced capacity magazines), before the Virginia Tech bodies had gotten cold.


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