When the solution is more guns

My second St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner column is up today, responding to St. Louis Police Chief Daniel Isom’s claim that “The Solution is Not More Guns.” Please give it a look, and maybe tell a friend.

As to “telling a friend,” I have a lot of “Thank yous” to hand out. David Codrea tops the list, first by virtue of the fact that the entire Gun Rights Examiner concept is his baby, then by getting me on board for the St. Louis iteration of it, and finally by promoting it at both WoG, and on his own Gun Rights Examiner column.

Thanks also to Thirdpower, The Welshman, Steve in TN, JR, and Don Gwinn (if I missed anyone, that’s just cluelessness on my part, not an intentional slight).

I’ve never met any of these folks in person, but they have all shown themselves to be true friends.
Thanks–to all of you.

Update: an example of that “cluelessness” I mentioned earlier–thanks, Uncle, and sorry not to have noticed earlier.

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