Asking the wrong questions

I’ll be the first to admit that I am no statistician, and that the endless back-and-forth squabbling seems only to prove that one can use statistics to prove anything one wants to prove. Personally, my belief is that such debates might serve well to show off one’s statistical chops, but miss the real point.

“The real point,” as I see it, is that those private citizens who choose to carry a defensive firearm do not do so with the objective of “fighting crime,” but instead have the much more limited aim of defending themselves and their loved ones. [More]

Please head on over and give it a look.

This morning, St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner (briefly) cracked the Top 5 Political Examiners nationwide. That’s a first for me (the others do it pretty routinely). Gotta like that.

Speaking of the others, please give them a look, too.
National Gun Rights Examiner
LA Gun Rights Examiner
Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner


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