Children dead in Belgian nursery knife attack

Two children and one adult were killed Friday in a stabbing attack at a nursery school in Belgium, officials said.

Ten children and two adults were being treated in the hospital after the attack, the Interior Ministry said. It was unclear whether all of them suffered stab wounds. [More]

Violence in Belgium? That’s strange–they have such “strong gun laws.”


4 Responses to “Children dead in Belgian nursery knife attack

  1. MC Says:

    Please think of the feelings of family and friends before you ‘laugh’ at our laws.

  2. 45superman Says:

    MC, I am not at all amused by this atrocity. Victim disarmament zones are common in the U.S., as well, and I am pointing out the lethal consequences of them.

  3. Rob Says:

    So you’ d rather have the guy slaughtered the children and women with a gun instead of a knife ?
    How on earth would arming the people of Belgium with guns prevent such attacks ?

  4. Kantorka Says:

    Unless your *nurseries* are armed with guns, making this connection doesn’t make any sense at all.
    You are aware the guy attacked with a knife? Wouldn’t him having a gun not have been even worse? Sorry, but there’s no point to your coment at all, and so it *looks* like nothing but gloating.

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