Light Sunday reading

Letter writer Charles Scarfe really hates so-called “assault weapons,”* and anyone who opposes banning them.

Letter: ‘Backward elements’ terrorizing America

Zip guns. Those were the good old days. Gangbangers armed themselves with these inaccurate, single-shot, homemade weapons.

Because of the National Riffle Association, Newt Gingrich’s Republican Congress and Palin-esque, simpleton, red-neck conservatives, we haven’t yet been able to get rid of assault weapons. Gangbangers once took a shot with inaccurate zip guns; now their assault weapons spray bullets over an entire house (as in “Gran Torino”).

We liberals need to keep marginalizing the NRA, red-neck conservatives and brain-addled Republicans. We need to collect every assault weapon in the country and crush it.

Remember, a gangbanger armed with a zip gun might be able to kill one person, but a gang banger with an assault weapon, thanks to the NRA and red-neck conservatives, can kill dozens at one time.

This time, if we can beat down the Republicans left in Congress, like Wally Herger, we liberals should collect and crush all assault weapons. It’s time to defeat the NRA and the backward elements that are terrorizing American society.

Let’s send assault weapons the way of the Tommy Gun.

Charles Scarfe

It is, of course, difficult to argue with someone so well equipped with information gleaned from movies.

What I want to know is this: whom does he plan to send to do the “collecting” of firearms from us “backward elements,” and how many of these “collectors” is he willing to lose?

*That link seems to be unreliable–sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.


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