Hold whom accountable?

Running even further behind than usual today–sorry, folks.

The calls to ban detachable magazine fed, semi-automatic rifles have been coming with greater and greater frequency and stridency out of South Florida of late. “Hold leaders accountable for assault weapons,” by Citizens’ Crime Watch of Miami-Dade executive director Carmen Caldwell, displays the quality of “logic” we have come to expect in these screeds.

T his week I want to address an issue I have raised before, in light of recent events in our community. I’m talking about the assault weapons being used on the streets by criminals. These weapons are being used against our police officers and our residents, but worst of all, they are being used to kill our children.

In recent weeks we have seen nine people shot, with two dead, and another four people shot, including a child.

Folks, this has to stop!

You, the residents of Miami-Dade County, have to start holding our congressional leaders accountable for letting this ban sunset.

Lovely. Rather than holding the shooters accountable, we are to blame the politicians who didn’t disarm their constituents–who, in other words, apparently paid at least some attention to the Constitution.

For those of you that maybe don’t know why these weapons exist, it is in part because on Sept. 13, 2004, the federal assault weapons ban expired.

Um . . . not quite. The WASR-90 (a semi-automatic, Romanian-made copy of the AK-47) used in the Westroad Mall atrocity in Nebraska, for example, was designed specifically to comply with the AWB. It could, in fact, be described as a result of the AWB. Similarly, the MAK-90 used to kill Miami-Dade police officer Jose Somohano was another AWB-compliant AK-47 copy.

But that’s not important to the gun prohibitionists, and I don’t suppose we should be surprised. People who, rather than blaming the shooter, instead call for blaming politicians for not playing along with their citizen disarmament agenda are clearly not going to be bothered by the fact that the law whose expiration they decry would not have banned the firearms used.


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