We’re the Only Ones with privacy enough

I’m going to steal a page out of David Codrea‘s book, and do an “Only Ones” post. I don’t usually do those (they are, after all, his gig), but several recent developments are coming together in a way that I think paints kind of an interesting picture.

We’ll start out looking at a law in Arizona that can mean jail time for publishing the address certain “Only Ones” (law enforcement, judges, prosecutors, public defenders, and a few others):

Several years ago, the Phoenix New Times, a spunky weekly newspaper in Arizona, published the home address of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the course of an investigation into how the camera-loving “America’s toughest sheriff” had managed to acquire such an impressive investment portfolio on the salary he drew from the county. Arpaio and an ally, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, replied with a criminal inquiry against the newspaper for violating an obscure and constitutionally questionable law against publishing law-enforcement officers’ personal information on the Internet. That law is now being revisited by legislators in a way that may make it even more restrictive.

Now compare that to the situation faced by armed private citizens in states like Oregon and Tennessee, where, as the law stands now, anyone can demand to know names and addresses of defensive firearm carry permit holders, and newspapers can and do publish that information.

Ah–to be an “Only One.”


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